Falls in elderly

Preventing Falls


Did you or your relative have a fall recently? Would you like to prevent future falls?

Or maybe you are worried about your balance?

We can help.

We provide physiotherapy intervention that aims to reduce the risk of falling.

We use several different ways to help patients and the OTAGO Rehabilitation is one of them


Systematic reviews by Sherrington and colleagues regarding exercise interventions to reduce falls reported the most effective programmes included a high balance challenge, used a higher dose of exercise (50 hours- roughly twice a week for six months) and did not include a walking programme.


Falls Prevention – OTAGO


The Otago Exercise Program (OEP) was developed to reduce falls in older persons.

The OEP consists of 17 strength and balance exercises and a walking program, performed three times a week by the older adult in the home, outpatient, or community setting.

Patients do exercises individually or in a group setting. Studies demonstrate OEP participants experience a 35 – 40% reduction in falls.

The program is most effective for frail older adults.  A physiotherapist (PT) assesses and prescribes the initial exercises.

The older adult does the exercises independently three times a week and completes a series of 4 visits with the PT, PT Assistant, or the appropriate provider over an 8-week period.

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