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DMZ Group UKDMZ Group UK
19:14 21 Dec 21
Very good service. Came to my house, 1-2-1 , was very safe with ppe (covid), professional equipment. Would recommend.
Ewelina NowikowskaEwelina Nowikowska
13:00 16 Nov 21
Marek is a specialist in his field. I enjoyed the chiropractic session with him and I was amazed how my body can readjust with a few simple movements of the spine. Highly recommend.
Kuba kazberukKuba kazberuk
18:41 11 Sep 21
I’ve recently completed a lower extremities therapeutic massage course with Marek.Good atmosphere at the course, wise and friendly teacher. Fully enjoyed my time.I’m hoping to go back soon and do another course 👍
adrianna ruminskaadrianna ruminska
14:37 19 Aug 21
My partner and I have visited due to back/neck pain and have been very satisfied and happy with the service. Marek is very professional and attentive, also makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Since the visit we both feel pain free and a lot more agile. Thank you.
Jaroslaw OlszewskiJaroslaw Olszewski
19:04 28 Jun 21
Amazing and professional physio. Very pleased with the service!
Meridon DragomirMeridon Dragomir
14:42 04 Mar 20
I highly recommend Marek!I had back pain for a very long time because of my work and now and then it flares up quite badly to the point that I need to take time off work. During the last pain episode I went to see Marek after a friend recommended him. I came out feeling much better after the first session and with a lot of information provided by Marek about my condition, how to deal with the pain better and the correct exercises for me. Now, after three sessions I am not taking any pain medication, I sleep and feel better. Thank you so much Marek!
Gorav DattaGorav Datta
09:45 24 Feb 20
Marek is a highly trained physiotherapist who I have been working with when referring my patients for post op physiotherapy, it has been a pleasure working closely with him. Many thanks Marek!
Alina Krok-GazdaAlina Krok-Gazda
09:26 18 Feb 20
I found the therapist very easy to communicate with, he treated me incrementally so as not to risk further damage. He used different techniques and explained what he was doing and what to expect. He conducted a thorough examination and explained my issues in a clear yet comprehensive way, leaving me reassured. I was given reasonable exercise to do and his estimate of how long it would take to recover. Marek is a superb physio with a very friendly and professional manner. I thoroughly recommend Marek.
Ewelina SzEwelina Sz
21:36 12 Feb 20
It was one of the best physiotherapy sessions I ever had. It was a really interesting learning curve and I was impressed with the professionalism.
Aleksander TchorzewskiAleksander Tchorzewski
20:51 30 Jan 20
Highly recommend seeing Marek, really helped me with my shoulder pains and giving me good tips and workouts on what I should do to get rid of the pain! Really helped thanks Marek!
matt ninehammatt nineham
18:17 22 Jan 20
Great professional treatment, with a wealth of knowledge about back care, very friendly and loves his job. Thank you very much for sorting my lower back pain. Highly recommend
17:00 06 Dec 19
I was having pain in my shoulders, back and neck. I chose Marek having seen a list of qualifications and a long list of positive reviews on Google. I noticed he specializes in back pain and works also for the NHS. Decided to call him beforehand just to check what he could do for me and find out more details regarding treatment. Marek helped me over three 45 minutes sessions spread over a few weeks. Appointments were not rushes which sets him apart from osteopaths and chiropractors I saw in the past for 10-15 minutes. He likes explaining what he does and why he does things. From what I understood he combines manual therapy, osteopathic techniques and massage making treatment quite powerful really. He explained this allows him to approach pain from different angles whatever that means 😊 During treatment I had to participate a lot and move different parts of my body – mainly head, neck, shoulders and hips.. Each treatment gave me a great pain relief. Thank you, Marek. I wish you all the best with your work and will definitely recommend your services to any patients suffering from back pain! Give you 5 STARS !!!!! You are the best !!
sue johnstonesue johnstone
16:58 13 Nov 19
Marek can't recommend him enough very approachable and knowledgeable in his field thank you
Krzysztof GorskiKrzysztof Gorski
20:13 10 Sep 19
Hello everyone, I highly recommend Marek for full professionalism. The pain that I had for 5 months after 2 visits the pain passes. Thank you
jozsef Pinczesjozsef Pinczes
22:14 05 Sep 19
I was working in my garden and had a back injury.I hardly could stand or walk, couldn't bend my back,went to see Marek and just after the first visit was already a lot better, plus he also checked and made my shoulder work better. Thanks. I can only highly recommend him as he's a great specialist. He knows what to do.
Tomasz BielawskiTomasz Bielawski
21:09 30 Jul 19
Absolutely fantastic Physiotherapyst.Release my pain after first visit. Proper set up all spine and massage. Thank you so much.
Aneta KonopkaAneta Konopka
15:59 29 Jul 19
Im really pleased with treatment I received and would definately recommend to everybody seeking a professional and knowledgable physio.
Emily VoskaneEmily Voskane
15:12 15 Jun 19
I would give 6 stars if I could! Excellent service, always making sure you feel good before finishing massage, listening to your problems and carefully working on the areas you are struggling with. Recommend to everyone!
Lavinia MotatuLavinia Motatu
08:25 12 Jun 19
A big thanks to Marek at Physio-Soton. Pain free and feeling so much better. Friendly and professional, Marek took away my lower back in one session . Highly recommend him. Both my husband and I were very pleased with the service.
10:55 06 May 19
Superb! Had issues with walking and back pain. I am 69, and my legs are no longer as good as they were 10 or 20 years ago. Especially flexing knees is an issue for me. I saw them on a few occassions and was very pleased with the outcome. Would definately recommend them to everybody. They have a clinic is Southampton and also can visit at home. Also, great value for money!
Charles BrisleyCharles Brisley
17:12 29 Mar 19
Marek is extremely knowledgeable and the service he provides is not only very good value for money but very effective too. He offers a truly professional service, with a very friendly manner. Thoroughly recommended.
Shehzad KhanShehzad Khan
22:10 17 Mar 19
I had a really good treatment. Made me feel much better. Shoulder pain all gone! Would highly recommend. Will definitely be making a future visit!


Mobile Physiotherapy in Southampton





Why Mobile Physiotherapy?


  • Save yourself time and hassle!
  • No need to think about traffic!
  • We come to you
  • Top-rated online 
  • Expert Physiotherapists
  • Holistic approach



Here are some FAQs from our patients


I am worried about COVID; what do you do to reduce the risk?


We test ourselves for COVID almost everyday and use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during appointments with patients (gloves, aprons and masks). The equipment is sterilised after each visit.


Is mobile physiotherapy with you expensive?


We want to reach and make our service available to as many patients as possible. This is why we have now stopped charging an extra fee for travel and made our prices very competitive.

That means you pay the same price regardless whether you want physiotherapy in clinic or home.


What kind of therapy do you offer


We provide much more that exercise prescription. We offer a wide range of services including therapeutic massage, rehabilitation, strength training, osteopathic techniques, and many other therapeutic modalities.


Will I feel better straight away?


It depends on your condition/injury and how you respond to therapy. It is normal to feel achy the day or two after therapy.


Is there a discount if I buy a block of treatments


Yes, and that depends on the number of therapy sessions.

Contact us for more information.


I never used your service, are you reliable?


It is best to read reviews and feedback from our patients online.

Check our reviews on Google and TrustPilot.


What equipment do you use?


We provide hands on therapy and that means we use therapy couches and need a little bit of space in your house.

Usually a lounge or a large bedroom offers enough space for therapy.

We may also need to show you some useful exercises so will have appropriate equipment with us, i.e. free weights, TheraBand etc.


Which area do you cover?


We cover Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Romsey, New Forest and Winchester



Senior Physiotherapist


Marek is a Chartered Physiotherapist (qualified in 2004) and Master Myoskeletal Therapist. In March 2021, Marek finished his 12-year long NHS career to concentrate on private practice. He provides community physiotherapy to patients in Southampton and the surrounding areas.

Senior Physiotherapist


Gosia works as a Senior Physiotherapist for both Physio Soton and the NHS. Her expertise lies in musculoskeletal therapy and the delivery of rehabilitation programs in the community. She covers Southampton and New Forest.



Asia has recently joined our team. She is an expert in providing community physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and improving patient outcomes. She covers Southampton, Winchester and Romsey. 

Physiotherapy Assistant


Robert helps Marek in delivering physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs in the community. He completed NVQ3 in Health and Social Care and holds strong experience in eledrly care.

Yoga Instructor


Ewelina is passionate about using yoga in improving strength, balance and stamina. She provides individual and group yoga lessons and can visit patients at home in Southampton.



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Christine M Carter
Christine M Carter
Excellent and professional So glad i chose to go to Marek ,helped me tremendously after just 2 visits .On the road to recovery now and would recommend to anyone . Helped my son too . Very polite and knowledgeable and would definately go back in the future .christine carter .
Jakub Kępa
Jakub Kępa
Very professional Marek the best physiotherapist I have ever been to I highly recommend, full professionalism.
Excellent physio
Welcoming and helpful Marek really helped me with shoulder and neck pain - he quickly identified the problem, and offered exactly the right exercises to address it over 4 sessions. Recommend.
Joanna Żurowska
Joanna Żurowska
Highly recommended! Great massage !
Marcin Ruminski
Marcin Ruminski
Excellent and professional with his services. Friendly atmosphere.Thank you for the amazing help with my wife's health.
Katarzyna Mazurkiewicz
Katarzyna Mazurkiewicz
Professional Mr. Marek Czeladzki is a professional with a nice approach to the patient. He gave my husband valuable tips on what to do to keep the pain from coming back. I sincerely recommend!
Highly recommended Marek is grate he has helped me a lot in just two sessions! Highly recommended !
Excellent support from Marek for my lower back pain, which already feels much better. He was able to understand my issues, putting me at ease, always welcoming! Highly recommended!
Excellent home visit I had been stuck in bed for a week with back pain that left me unable to walk unaided or even sit up, so I couldnt imagine how I could make it to a physio appointment. Marek was fantastic, I called in the morning and he was able to arrange a home visit. He arrived, listened to what the problem was then fixed the problem using massage and stretches. He put me at ease, and his visit put my back into place and fixed the issue. He then provided further exercises to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

26 Odiham Close, Lordshill, Southampton, SO16 8JL.




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